Sports on Board PC operates in Greece, Cyprus and other Balkan states as Sales Representatives for Champion, Gola Classics and D.Franklin.

Its longstanding experience and its over a decade representation of the international sportswear company “Champion“ guarantees high quality and standard services to the brands it represents ,in chain stores as well as in retailers in the countries where it trades.

The aim of the company is the even representation, high quality customer services, supply and promotion of brand awareness products, stocked appropriately for distribution.

Η Sports on Board ΙΚΕ δραστηριοποιείται στην Ελλάδα, την Κύπρο και τα Βαλκάνια παρέχοντας υπηρεσίες Εμπορικού Αντιπροσώπου για τις Εταιρίες Champion, Gola Classics και D.Franklin.

Η πολυετή εμπειρία της και η πάνω από μια δεκαετία αντιπροσώπευση της Διεθνούς Εταιρίας Αθλητικών Ειδών Champion εγγυάται την παροχή υψηλού επιπέδου υπηρεσιών και την ποιοτική εξυπηρέτηση των “σημάτων” που αντιπροσωπεύει, σε μεγάλες αλυσίδες καταστημάτων αλλά και στα καταστήματα λιανικής πώλησης, σε όλες τις περιοχές που δραστηριοποιείται.

Σκοπός της Εταιρείας είναι η άρτια αντιπροσώπευση, η σωστή εξυπηρέτηση των συνεργατών της και η παροχή προϊόντων υψηλής αναγνωρισιμότητας, κατάλληλα τοποθετημένων στους χώρους διανομής τους.


The history of Champion goes back to 1919, where two brothers from Rochester, New York, founded a brand dedicated to their passion for sportswear.

They began providing their products to Michigan University, but when word of the quality of their apparel began to spread they soon began to branch out to other schools.

It wasn’t long till the military became interested in their sportswear, and Champion began providing them with pieces for their P.E classes. In the 1950s Champion produced the logo that has stayed with them to this day, attaching it to the left sleeve of all their sweatshirts to give a personalised touch to their apparel.

In the 1970s Champion made history by designing the popular hooded sweatshirt, as well a breathable nylon mesh fabric, used in many jackets today, as well as the double sided t-shirt.

Over the years Champion has strengthened its reputation in the athletic world by becoming the official outfitter for all 27 teams of the NBA, and has continued to push boundaries with the style and design of its clothes, going for bolder colour combinations and unique patterns.


Gola was born in 1905.

- The brand’s 114 year history has been a rollercoaster ride - survival of the fittest!

- Football has always been at the heart of Gola with the ‘70s seeing the brand achieve ‘Premiership’ status. Gola was as iconic as Star Wars and spacehoppers.

- Gola has been donned by many sporting greats: Sir Alf Ramsey, Peter Shilton, Geoff Capes, Manchester United, Liverpool FC plus numerous others, in the worlds of boxing, rugby and tennis.

- Today Gola is true to its roots, combining sports heritage with fashion influences.

Men’s Gola Classics

The men’s Gola Classics range of trainers, plimsolls, high tops and Harriers is inspired by the brand’s design legacy which has been ever-present in British culture for over one hundred years. Staying true to Gola’s heritage by incorporating archetypal silhouettes of the past and mixing them together with new and modern styles, this collection of trainers, plimsolls and high tops is full to the brim with timeless designs.

Women's Gola Classics

Our Women’s Gola Classics range brings the past into the future by blending iconic designs with the latest fashion features. If you love unique bags and shoes that have a retro style and sleek feel about them, go for our ladies’ Gola Classics and highlight your individual style. We have a variety of timeless classics and new-in designs for you to choose from in our women’s Gola Classics range.

Kids' Gola Classics

The fabulous Gola Classics children’s collection brings together the best of Gola’s heritage silhouettes in perfectly formed miniature versions. Staying true to our sporting heritage, our children’s collection offers old skool inspired fashion footwear looks in a number of great colourways.

Gola Active Footwear & Workout Shoes

Keeping fit and active is a top priority for many people in modern life and this has been one of the main influences in the creation of Gola Active - our own range of enhanced workout and toning trainers which cater for avid gym goers and casual exercisers alike. Super lightweight and non-restricting, the versatile range of men’s and women’s Gola Active sports trainers are the perfect accompaniment for all levels of exercise and fitness. With designs ranging from specialist jogging shoes with enhanced comfort features to casual, everyday slip-on sandals, our range of Gola Active shoes will see you through all of your daily activities, exercises and much more.

The men’s and women’s Gola Active range which you can find below has been created with fitness and leisure in mind. If you would prefer fashion-focused trainers and shoes then head to the Gola Classics collection for men and women.

D. Franklin was born in 2013, inspired by the New York trends.

Positioning themselves in the main markets as a contemporary and avant-garde brand was their most solid aim, while keeping a dynamic output and constant development.

In December 2014, they launched an online sales project whose wide range included clothing, footwear and accessories.

This is how D.Franklin became one of the few Spanish companies Facebook have pointed as a successful case.


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